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About ORO
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云南省驻境外商务代表处(Overseas Representative Office of Yunnan Commerce,简称ORO)是云南省人民政府委托云南省商务厅和省外办进行业务管理,委托云南省财政厅进行资金监管,通过依托云南省重点企业而设立的对外开放和外经服务常设机构,是云南省对外开放的海外工作平台,以“协调、窗口、服务、维权”为工作方针,旨在服务云南省对外开放事业,推动云南省对外经贸交流合作。

The Overseas Representative Office of Yunnan Commerce (ORO) is established by the Government of Yunnan province as permanent institution to provide opening-up and foreign trade and economic services. ORO performs the business tasks for the Department of Commerce of Yunnan province and the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office and the fund supervision tasks for the Finance Department of the province. It is an overseas work platform for the opening-up of Yunnan province to the outside world, with “coordination, Showcase, service, and right protection” as its policy; and it aims to promote the foreign trade and economic exchange and cooperation of Yunnan province.


Since 2010, under the leadership of the Department of Commerce of Yunnan province, ORO has been established a great numbers of offices in 30 countries and regions in seven different times, including Myanmar, Thailand, Pakistan, Australia, America, France, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. with complete coverage over the 19 south Asia and southeast Asia countries.


Overseas Representative Office (ORO) in Islamabad, Pakistan was established in late 2015 by the Government of Yunnan province in order to promote economic and trade cooperation between Pakistan and the Province.

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